Gen. 1: John McFarlane

  Gen.2: Robert McFarlane

  Gen.3: Daniel McFarlane

  Gen.4: John McFarlane

  Gen.5: Daniel Macfarlane

  Gen.6: Daniel F. Macfarlane

  Gen.7: Thomas G. Macfarlane

Generation 6: Daniel Forbes Macfarlane

Daniel F. Macfarlane, Maggie Graham Macfarlane, Margaret Macfarlane, Forbes Macfarlane (baby), Thomas Macfarlane

Daniel5 Forbes MCFARLANE (DANIEL5, JOHN4DANIEL3, ROBERT2, JOHN1) was born April 22, 1899 in Radnor Park, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, Scotland1(his birth was registered in the Parish of Row), and died June 28, 1973 in Orlando, Orange County, Florida2. He married MAGGIE REID GRAHAM July 15, 1920 in Dalmuir, Scotland3. Maggie, the daughter of THOMAS GRAHAM and ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, was born August 30, 1891 in Oak Bank, East Calder, Scotland4, and died June 12, 1983 in Orlando, Orange County, Florida5

Notes: Daniel immigrated to the United States, arriving on 4 January 1930, aboard the SS Caledonia. Maggie Reid Graham came to America two years later, arriving at the Port of New York on 3 May 1932, on the SS California.

At the time of their marriage Daniel lived at 480 Dunbarton Road and Maggie lived at 12 Kitchener Street. He was working as an engine fitter.


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  7. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON MACFARLANE, b. May 31, 1934, Princeton, New Jersey; m. JOHN CALVIN CARROLL, December 31, 1953, Pasadena Texas; b. December 07, 1934, Brownfield, Texas.

  8. MARGARET GRAHAM MACFARLANE, b. September 21, 1940, Baltimore, Maryland; m. JOHN HOLLAND DAVIS, June 27, 1959, Houston, Texas; b. June 25, 1936.


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