Gen. 1: John McFarlane

  Gen.2: Robert McFarlane

  Gen.3: Daniel McFarlane

  Gen.4: John McFarlane

  Gen.5: Daniel Macfarlane

  Gen.6: Daniel F. Macfarlane

  Gen.7: Thomas G. Macfarlane

Generation 2: Robert Macfarlane

ROBERT MCFARLANE was born on 4 January 1782 and christened 6 January 17821, at Bonhill, Dunbartonshire and died on 23 Sep 1835 in Old Kirkpaterick, Dunbartonshire2. He married JANET JARDEN, daughter of DONALD JARGON and JANET TURNER on June 17, 1809 in Cardross, Dunbarton, Scotland3. She was born on 7 November 1790 in Cardross, Dunbarton, Scotland4 and died on 6 September 1830 in West Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire5.

More About JANET JARDEN: Jarden is often listed as Jardine, especially in later records. Janet's father and previous generations appear in at least some records with the name Jargon.


  1. JOHN MCFARLANE was born 28 June 1810 at Cardross, County Dunbarton. He married Elizabeth Gray, on 3 June 1838 in Cardross, Dunbarton.

  2. DANIEL MCFARLANE was born on 2 June 1811, at Bogside, Cardross, County Dunbarton, Scotland and died 11 Sep 1858 in Cardross, Dunbarton.

  3. JANET MCFARLANE, was born 26 March 1813, at Bogside, Cardross, County Dunbarton.

  4. ELISABETH MCFARLANE, was born 12 February 1815 at Cardross, County Dunbarton. She appears to have died prior to March of 1830 when a second daughter was named Elizabeth.

  5. AGNES MCFARLANE, was born 19 March 1827 at Cardross, County Dunbarton.

  6. ELISABETH MCFARLANE, was born March 04, 1830 at Cardross, County Dunbarton.

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