Gen. 1: Edward Graham

     Gen. 2: William Graham

     Gen. 3: Thomas Graham

     Gen. 4: Margaret Graham

Generation 4: Margaret Reid Graham


Margaret Reid Graham (Thomas3, William2, Edward1) was born 30 Aug 1891 in Oakbank, East Calder, Scotland1, and died 12 Jun 1983 in Orlando, Orange County, Florida.2. She married Daniel Forbes Macfarlane on 15 Jul 1920 in Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire, Scotland3, son of Daniel Macfarlane and Isabella Forbes. Daniel Forbes Macfarlane was born 22 April 1899 in Radnor Park, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, Scotland4, and died 28 Jun 1973, in Orlando, Orange County, Florida5.

Daniel Forbes Macfarlane, Maggie Reid Graham, son Thomas, daughter Isobel, and baby son Forbes.

Children of Daniel F. Macfarlane and Maggie Reid Graham are are:

  1. Isabella Forbes Macfarlane was born 11 December 1920, in Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland and died 13 October 1979 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. She married Joseph Hancock Webb on 6 April 1942, in Baltimore, Maryland. Joe Webb was born 27 Aug 1922 in Hunt County, Texas, and died 15 April 1998, in Crosby, Harris, Texas.

  2. Thomas Graham Macfarlane was born 3 May 1922 in Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland and died in 12 Dec 1998 in Winter Park, Orange County, Florida. He married Ruth Elaine Pinkerton in 1915; She was born 30 July 1918 in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, and died 11 April 2004 in Ocala, Marion County, Florida.

  3. Daniel Macfarlane was born 13 February 1924 and died January, 1925, in Dalnotter, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

  4. David Graham Macfarlane was born 11 June 1925 and died in November, 1926, in Dalnotter, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

  5. Unamed Child Macfarlane was stillborn 26 July 1928 in Dalnotter, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

  6. Forbes Macfarlane was born in 26 July 1929, in Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland, and died 14 Apr 1982 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Forbes married Phyllis Clara Monson on 9 August 1951, in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Phyllis was born 9 February 1931, and died 14 Apr 1982, in Bogota, New Jersey

  7. Elizabeth Richardson Macfarlane was born in 31 May 1934 in Princeton, Mercer County, New Jersey and died 21 July 2005 in Harris County, Texas. Betty Macfarlane married John Calvin "Dusty" Carroll on 31 December 1953 in Pasadena, Texas. Dusty Carroll was born 7 December 1934, in Brownfield, Texas. Betty abd Dusty were divorced.

  8. Margaret Graham Macfarlane was born 21 September 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland and died in . Margaret married John H. Davis on 27 Jun 1959, in Houston, Harris County, Texas. John and Margaret were divorced on 6 November 1981, in Houston, Texas.


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