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The Jack and Cheryl Butler family

Jack & Cheryl Butler Our Sons: Nathan, Jack & Aaron Our boys with our grandkids. The two boys, Zach & Jared are Jack's. Ashley and Elizabeth are Aaron's.

We have been tracing our family history for years. Jack became so interested that he eventually became a professional genealogist. (Southern Heir Ways). The links below lead to pages that display the results of our research so far.
Note that this section is constantly under construction. If something doesn't work, please check back soon..

Cheryl's Genealogy

Macfarlane, Graham (Includes: Forbes, Graham, McLeod, Richardson, McNab, Russell, Jardine, Reid, Walkingshaw, Grau, Howie, Bell and many others).

Pinkerton - Sanders (Includes: Cochrane, Hill, Warnock, Clark, Lockridge, Oleson, Whitmore, Nielsdatter, Felthuysen, Eriksdatter, Hoogteling, Iversen, Pangburn, Hoornbeek, Van Slyke, and many others.)

Jack's Genealogy

Butler/Porter (Includes: Pippen, Witherington, Newton, Mayo, Turner, Padgett, Swearingen, Blunt, Jarell, Sheppard, Clare, Meggs, Spencer, Harris, Alderman, Grosvenor, Brooks, James, Insgoldy, Bulkeley and many, many, more.

Helms/Campbell (Includes: Gunter, Peacock, Jerkins, Sheppard, Fortenbury, Moore, Banks, Daniel, Bailey, Cumbie, Tyson, Turner, Cleveland, and many others.

Scotland Trip

Cheryl's father was born in Scotland and Jack has Scottish ancestors - though not so fresh. In 2003, we got a chance to go to the old home country where we, along with Cheryl's sister, Sandy, were able to meet Cheryl's living cousins and to walk in the footprints of our ancestors. This is a photo essay of our trip


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